created with
Lola Arias (AR)
Mi Vida Después
(My life after)
42% theatre
11% music
37% literature
10% confession

Carla, born in 1976, was named after her father Carlos – he died in the resistance four months before her birth. The only thing of his that is left to her is his final letter to her mother which she managed to save by hiding it in a puppet during the dictatorship. Vanina was born in 1974, in the year of Perón’s death. Her grandfather was a policeman, her father claimed that he was a representative for a pharmaceuticals company, but in fact he worked for the secret service. Only at the age of twenty-eight did she realise that her brother is not really her brother but rather the son of a dissident who had been tortured to death: Her father had stolen him because her mother could not have any more children. Blas’s father, on the other hand, was a priest, who exchanged the cassock for civilian trousers, fathering a total of six children. He believed in God, not in politics.
And so the stories of the generation of thirty-somethings’ in Argentina are different and similar – their parents stand as shadows behind them. With the aid of photos, letters, tapes and memories, six actors try to reconstruct their parent’s youth, put on their clothes and represent scenes from the past in order to understand something for the future.
The Argentinean author, director and actor Lola Arias (who featured at steirischer herbst 2007 with her “Love is a Sniper” trilogy) condenses these true personal stories into a poetic, harsh and yet confident evening of theatre: What kind of life did our parents have, into which we were born – what will our future life be like?

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Thursday night concert Lola Arias & Ulises Conti (AR)

Lola Arias (AR) Biography

Co-produced by steirischer herbst, Complejo Teatral (Buenos Aires), Zürcher Theater Spektakel, International Summer Festival Kampnagel (Hamburg), Noordezon Performing Arts Festival & Grand Theatre Groningen
With support from BIT Teater Garasjen, Spielart Festival &
Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires

Austrian Première
Thu 15/10, Fri 16/10 &
Sat 17/10, 7.30 pm


In Spanish
with German supertitles

Talk following
the second performance

EUR 22 / EUR 12

Thu 15/10, 9.30 pm
Thursday night concert
Lola Arias & Ulises Conti

Festival centre
Text & Direction Lola Arias

With Blas Arrese Igor, Liza Casullo, Carla Crespo, Vanina Falco, Pablo Lugones, Mariano Speratti & Moreno Speratti da Cunha

Music Ulises Conti in collaboration with Liza Casullo & Lola Arias
Set design Ariel Vaccaro
Choreography Luciana Acuña
Video Marcos Medici
Light design Gonzalo Córdova
Costume Jazmín Berakha
DramaturgySofia Medici
Production Gustavo Kotik

Production Graz Dominik Jutz
Assistance Christian Sundl
Technical direction Hermann Schapek & Michael Doubek