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Phantom Ghost (D)
Thrown out of Drama School
Concert and party for the herbst opening
50% voice
50% piano

Camp and vaudeville-like instead of portentous and sombre: “Thrown out of Drama School” is classical duo music. Strictly instrumented, dominated by piano and voice. The deep, smoky voice of Tocotronic singer Dirk von Lowtzow is accompanied by Thies Mynther’s piano miniatures (member of the Hamburg bands Stella and Superpunk). After ten years, Phantom Ghost have left behind electropop and have arrived at a place where they can study playing with artificialities, mannerisms, exalted quotations and theatrical poses in its purest form: on stage, in drama class, in front of and behind the velvet curtain.

Thu 24/09, 11 pm

Admission free